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Bullying, harassment, discrimination, or

behaviour in the workplace that is 

outside the Respectful Workplace Policy?

Take the right step.


If you think something is happening but you're not sure of the exact details or who wide spread it is, choose an assessment.

Training or Individual Coaching:

Someone's behaviour is outside the Respectful Workplace Policies, choose individual training or coaching as the first step. Also choose group training annually to ensure all workers are up to date which may be required provincially.

Facilitated Conversation:

Parties are having difficulties but you think it might be able to be resolved if they just talk it out with the help of a neutral third party. Choose a facilitated conversation.


Parties are having difficulties and they need a plan about how to move forward. You believe the parties will make good decisions about how to move forward. Voluntary and confidential. The Memorandum of Understanding plan the parties develop, will be mutually agreed to causing increased commitment to the plan.

A Workplace Investigative Process:

The employer has a responsibility to provide a safe workplace. If there is a complaint of bullying, harassment, or discrimination of any sort, choose a workplace investigative process. The Workplace Investigative Consultant can provide a report including background information, findings of fact, analysis, conclusions and recommendations. Workplace Investigators work from a trauma informed lens.

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