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New Ways 

Conflict Management Coaching

The New Ways Coaching Program helps you learn new skills (or improve existing skills) to help deal with chronically high conflict situations or people with the following characteristics:

- rigid thinking

- always has to "win" or be "right"

- high drama or emotion frequently

- manipulative

- wants to dominate, be the center of a​ttention,

 or be superior

- has bad boundaries

- you never know what to expect from them.

There's one program for help in families. 

There's another program for help at work.

There's a third program from supervisors/managers

of people with chronic high conflict characteristics.

This program is the New Ways for Families / 

New Ways for Work /

C.A.R.S. Program 

developed by Bill Eddy and Georgi diStafano.

New Ways for Work / New Ways for Families / Conflict Coaching
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