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Manage conflict before it manages you.

Conflict Management Services beyond Mediation

High Conflict Coaching : 

Do you have someone in your world who seems to be constantly creating conflict or problems? Or do you find that others are always reacting negatively to you? We provide one on one or group coaching to help you learn to manage high conflict. Individual coaching. Now available online.

- New Ways for Work

     - New Ways for Families

Conflict Management Coaching :

Conflict Management Coaching is for everyone, whether for personal improvement or workplace promotions and ease. A Conflict Management Coach will privately assist you with building your conflict management tools and proficiency. Group work also available. Available online.

Anger Management Program

Individual or group 8 week program. Certificate supplied upon completion. Available online.

Respectful Communication: 

Communication skill building and understanding how to respectfully communication with others and be respectfully communicated with. Respectful Workplace Workshops. Available online.

Personal Success Program: 

Improve your communication and understanding of how to make the most of your strengths to reduce stress and conflict. Also learn to understand why others behave the way they do. True Colors Int'l Program by Elite Trainer.

   - Personal Success

 - Communication

          - Conflict Management

- Team Building


Grace Baker, Chartered Mediator, mentors new mediators wanting support on their conflict management journey. Mentoring for:

      - Mediation

      - Trauma Informed Workplace Investigation

      - Building a Practice

If available and approved through the clients, those mentoring may be able to attend the processes and co-mediate or co-investigate.

We have a long history of helping people learn how to be more effect, develop skills and manage conflict.

We do workplace coaching, executive coaching, conflict management skill building, high conflict management and communications skill building.

Our services are customized to your needs.

In addition to customized services, we also offer the following workshops:

- Encounters with Anger: Anger Management Program

- Keys to Success: True Colors Temperament Training

- New Ways in the Workplace: Managing High Conflict Personalities

- New Ways for Families: Managing High Conflict in your Family

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