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All About Agreement Makers: Mediation and Conflict Management Services

Every problem holds a gift for you in it's hands....

Agreement Makers is owned by Grace Baker, C.Med. Grace is a nationally Chartered Mediator with over 20 years of conflict management experience. 

Grace started by helping businesses and then found that the people in the businesses needed help in other ways... someone was getting divorced, someone was fighting with a sibling, the neighbors were mad, etc. So she began diversifying... until her resume became too fat to fit in an envelope. :) 

Here's a brief history of some things she's been involved with:

- Family Justice both in Alberta and BC (mediator and mentoring other mediators)

- Civil Justice both in Alberta and BC (mediator and mentoring other mediators)

- Child Protection Mediation both in Alberta and BC (mediator and mentoring

other mediators)

- Department of National Defense

- Ministry of the Attorney General Dispute Resolution Office

- Public Works and Services Canada

- BC Public Service Agency

- Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Farm Debt Mediation

- Teaching and Coaching Mediation and Conflict Management at a variety of


- Business and Workplace Mediations and Facilitated Conversations regarding

bullying, harassment, discrimination, inappropriate behavior and sexual


- Employee Assistance Programs Mediation and Workplace Investigation

- Anger Management Program development and facilitation with referrals from

probation, family services, counselors, lawyers, etc.

- New Ways for Families/ New Ways for Work - Dealing with High Conflict


- Human Rights Commission - Aboriginal Initiative

- Northern Navigator

- Legal Services Society BC

- Parent Teen Mediation and Parent/Separation Mediation (Child support, Spousal

Support, Parenting Plans and Property/Business/Farm Division)

- Municipal Affairs in Alberta and BC

- Corrections Canada

- Home Builders Masters Program Facilitator

- Neighborhood / Community Disputes

- Unions and Workplace Investigations

- WorkSafeBC

- ...and more

Grace has received accommodations and awards from:

- Alberta Justice (Minister and Chief Justice)

- Municipal Affairs (Alberta Minister)

- The Honorable Ed Stalmach (Past Premier of Alberta)

Grace is a member in good standing with:

- Family Mediation Canada

- ADR Institute of Canada

- ADR Institute of BC

- Mediate BC

She adheres to the Ethics and Codes of Conduct of the abovementioned bodies.

She grew up on a farm and now lives on the side of a mountain so she has a soft spot for rural and remote areas, as well as the most urban. 

Grace spends a great deal of her time travelling through British Columbia helping people resolve conflict althought she's been know to work elsewhere in Canada. She serves big groups, small groups, businesses and individuals in person, online and by teleconference. 

She says "The day that there's world peace, that's the day I'll take off."

Grace has a 6 year background in mental health, addictions and partner violence. She also has a great deal of business experience.

Grace loves to collaborate with other professionals to help her clients as needed.

Grace has received (and loved) more heartfelt thank-yous from clients than she can count. Go to Testimonials to see a few.

Why Us?

We love to help people find hope and a way forward. 

We have a very high success rate of helping people find agreement.

We provide a wide variety of services to meet your needs.

We have received letters of commendation and awards for our work. 

We have a very high level of experience.

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