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We've loved every minute of our journey and we'd like to share it with you.

How we got started

In 2000,  I was a business owner and had been in a variety of businesses for many years. My sister called me and asked me to go to an Appropriate Dispute Resolution course with her because she didn't want to go alone. I said sure, paid for the course and waited to attend it. By the time the course began, my sister had moved out of province and I had to go alone. I loved it! I could see how valuable it would be for people in conflict. I signed up for the rest of the training, got Chartered and 18 years later I'm still loving helping people work things out.

Our History

We started with helping businesses and then found that the people in the businesses needed our help in other ways... someone was getting divorced, someone was fighting with a sibling, the neighbors were mad, etc. So we began diversifying. Here's a brief history of some things we've been involved with:

- Family Justice
- Civil Justice
- Child Protection Mediation
- Department of National Defense
- Ministry of the Attorney General Dispute 
   Resolution Office
- Public Works and Services Canada
- Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
- Teaching and Coaching at a variety of       
   Colleges and Universities Conflict
- Business and Workplace Mediations and 
   Facilitated Conversations
- Employee Assistance Program
- Anger Management Program
- New Ways for Families - Dealing with 
   High Conflict Personalities
- Human Rights Commission - Aboriginal
- Northern Navigator
- Legal Services Society  BC
- Parent Teen Mediation
- Municipal Affairds
- Corrections Canada
- Home Builders Masters Program
- Neighborhood / Community Disputes
- Unions
- ...and more

18 Years of Happy Customers

Grace Baker has been mediating for over 18 years in all sorts of situations. She works in rural and remote areas as well as the most urban. She serves big groups, small groups and individuals in person, online and by teleconference. She's received more heartfelt thank-yous than she can count.   

Why Us?

We have a very high success rate of helping people find agreement.

We provide a wide variety of services to meet your needs.

We have received letters of commendation and awards for our work. 

We have a very high level of experience.