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Customer Testimonials

We work hard to keep your information confidential so full names have not been included to protect our clients.

Thank you very much for speaking to our group (communication & confidentiality). You were so good and right to the point! I had compliments spoken about you after the meeting…You are a good speaker. Thank you so much…I appreciate it!

Non-Profit Group

Thanks for a wonderful learning experience.

Student from a Family Mediation Course instructed by Grace Baker, C.Med.

Your coaching has been really helpful and…helped me get a better feel for how a real mediation will flow…

Mentoree through ADRBC

Wonderful group, wonderful instructors, wonderful opportunity to learn. Thank you.

Workplace Investigation Student

You are an impeccable teacher, and I hope to learn from you again.

Mediation Course Student

I found the training very helpful and provided myself with some very helpful tools. I now have a new perspective on how a mediation should play out. I wanted to thank you for all of you accommodating throughout the process. Grace has been great, her approach to the training is very open and allowed for some great conversations. …Her experience and ability to provide examples related to the material helped with making the information application to what we do here in HR.

Kompass Training Student – Government Corporate Training


Thank you for leading the group through this important work. As leaders, it is critical that our group can unite towards a shared vision. Marsi.

- Ministry of ____ of BC

Hi Grace,

Me again, just to thank you for your understanding in this important matter. We are thankful to have the chance for a good outcome for everybody involved.

- DF (Manager of a group in conflict)

"Thank you! You are awesome!" S & T

"Thanks, Grace. Your guidance through this process has been incredibly valuable." RC (Facilitated Conversation Participant)

"Grace brought a sense of adventure to every mediation and her enthusiasm for helping clients work through their issues appeared to come naturally. She helped the parties create straight forward Memorandums of Understanding with clear and concise working and specific details as needed. I would not hesitate to work with Grace on any project as I know she would be prepared, skilled, and a tremendous asset to any team." - DR

"Grace is a woman with an amazing quality to give information in a clear and organized fashion. She speaks in a tone and rate that is easy to listen to for persons in conflict. Grace always listens closely and respectfully, guiding and working within the parameters set and the identified needs of the client.... her finesse in facilitating the conversation between opposing personalities such that they are able to design a solution that is workable and sustainable." - CVD

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"The cases I have worked with Grace are primarily financial in nature but highly emotional situations are common. ...Grace addresses conflict constructively and is able to see the big picture. She has a creative and curious nature and it shows in how she is able to help parties look at options from multiple angles that they may not have thought of before. She is also careful and aware of the relationships. Grace's communication skills and her process often helps the parties to strengthen their relationship and communication during the mediation...I believe one of Grace's strongest attributes is her ability to trace and summarize multi-pronged issues and she is able to re-focus parties in order to keep them moving forward. ...She is not intimidated by strong personalities and works very hard to ensure a level field." - DS (Financial Consultant)

"Hi Grace,

I wanted to send you an appreciation for the fine work you achieved at the March 6th mediation. Though the case is a very tough one, with lots of anxiety (and other feelings!) with parties around the table, you did such a good job at making the process safe, and allowing more understanding to unfold for all of use to see. I am glad you are prioritizing your mediation work as this is important world work that few are able to provide with your degree of skill. " - Psychiatrist, Community Mental Health & Addiction Services

"Thank you very much Grace. You provided a comfortable and safe place where difficult discussions could take place. I feel that the process that you hosted resulted in a fair and mutually agreeable settlement." - N (Workplace Executive)


Thank you so very much for being such a wonderful and helpful person! We truly enjoyed our Strategic Planning meeting and all you had to offer us. Your cupcakes were divine as well! Thank you for all your hours and your grace-ful ways! If we can do anything to help you please let us know. From everyone!" - Community Group

"With warm appreciation for your thoughtfulness ") You deserve the very best always & in all ways :) Wishing to express our heartfelt appreciation & gratitude for your helpfulness in our mediation. We could not have done it without your help :) Once again, our many, many thanks:)" - S & J (Divorce mediation)

"With warm appreciation for your thoughtfulness ") You deserve the very best always & in all ways :) Wishing to express our heartfelt appreciation & gratitude for your helpfulness in our mediation. We could not have done it without your help :) Once again, our many, many thanks:)" - S & J (Divorce mediation)

What I liked about the program:

Easy to talk about what makes me mad and how to deal with it!!.... and will make a big change in my life!! Thank you! It works :)

CMC (Anger Management Program Participant)

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